Congregation Photos

    Anniversary Sunday (First Sunday after renovation)
    by Pearson Photography
    Sunday, October 30th, 2022 - Anniversary Sunday. These photos are from the first Sunday back in the sanctuary after the renovation. This is also the beginning of our 200th Anniversary celebrations. The photos are all taken by Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts - Pearson Photography.
    New Stage Configurations
    by Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
    showing new stage set up for church and concerts
    Mad Hatters 2022
    by John Hamilton
    Delightful selection of Easter Bonnets - Easter Sunday 2022
    Throwing out a Line
    by Rick Wood
    Sailing Ships preserved from the Galilee
    Baptism of Jesus
    by Rick Wood
    Memorial Window at Metropolitan
    Advent at Fairmont
    by Rick Wood
    December 1 Advent Service at Fairmont Campus
    Christmas Prep 2021
    by Rick Wood
    RCCO Evening put us in the mood
    Remembrance Day 2021
    by Rick Wood
    Images at Met for Remembrance Sunday - Nov 7, 2021
    Autumn at Met
    by Rick Wood
    Outside Views
    Thanksgiving 2021
    by Rick Wood
    Tasteful decoration of our sanctuary, by the Sanctuary Guild
    March Against Hate
    by Jeff Crittenden
    June 11, 2021
    Good Shepherd Sunday April 25, 2021
    by Rick Wood
    Easter Bonnets
    by various
    Received from Members
    Easter Sunday 2021
    Palm Sunday 2021
    by Rick Wood
    Sanctuary Images
    St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
    by Rick Wood
    Several views of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, N. Ireland For St. Patrick's Day
    Views of Capernaum
    by Rick Wood
    The Call "Follow Me"
    by Rick Wood
    "Green Eggs and Ham"
    by Jeff Crittenden
    Rick's Sermon Topic on January 17, 2021
    Jesus' Baptism in Stained Glass
    by Rick Wood
    December 27, 2020 Jesus Grows Up (Stained Glass Images)
    by Rick Wood
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas - Almost here
    by Rick Wood
    Advent in Glass
    by Rick Wood
    Stained Glass Images at Met
    Symphonia London at Metropolitan Nov 21
    Metropolitan Remembers !! 2020
    October 11, 2020 Thanksgiving
    by Rick Wood
    Oct 18 Socks in memory of Herb
    Nov 1 - Gail/Doug Perry
    Oct 4, 2020 World Wide Communion
    by Rick Wood
    Sept 13, 2020 Choir Quartet
    by Rick Wood
    He is Here - Waiting...
    by Rick Wood
    Communion & Clarinet Solo & Catherine and Gregg
    by Rick Wood
    August 30, 2020 Annie Ruan - Clarinetist
    Organ Student - Renee Nikkel
    by Rick Wood
    Organist for service on August 16, 2020
    Fairmont Plantings
    by Marg Cashmore
    Thanks to the team who planted the gardens at Fairmont
    Parable of the Sower
    by Rick Wood
    July 12, 2020
    Ed Ross - Thanks and Best Wishes
    by Jeff Crittenden
    Ed Ross Retirement - June 2020
    Canada Day July 1, 2020
    by Rick Wood
    Celebrating 153 years
    Black Lives Matter - London Protest Rally
    by London Free Press
    Protest in Front of City Hall
    Fathers Day - National Indigenous Peoples Day
    by Rick Wood
    June 21, 2020
    Ordinary Time - June 15, 2020
    by Rick Wood
    Trinity Sunday June 7, 2020
    by Rick Wood
    Feature objects that appear in "threes"
    New Members Confirmed May 31, 2020
    by Wood and Panhuis Families
    Andrew Wood, Christian Panhuis, Nicholas Panhuis
    Penticost Sunday - May 31, 2020
    by Rick Wood
    Please wear "Red"
    Spring Plantings
    by Jeff Crittenden and Rick Wood
    Beautiful Garden Plantings at MET and now at Fairmont
    Thinking of Mom
    by Rick Wood
    Mother's Day 2020
    Good Shepherd Sunday
    by Rick Wood and Gregg Redner
    Sunday May 3, 2020
    Familiar Sights
    by Rick Wood
    We look forward to greeting you again soon
    Easter 2020 "He is Risen"
    by Rick Wood
    Easter Sunday
    Maunday Thursday & Good Friday
    "In Your Easter Bonnet"
    by John Hamilton & others
    Gallery of Exciting Creations - 2020 and 2019.
    Symphonia London
    by Tim Laskey
    Concert at Metropolitan
    Christmas Pageant
    by Jeannette Wannamaker, Jason McHardy, Owen Raycraft
    December 15, 2019
    Tribute to Herb Summers
    by Owen Raycraft
    Jubilate Bells - Colourful socks
    Graduation LLWL Class of 2019
    by Jason McHardie
    Recognition of Grads September 15, 2019
    Paul Scott Wilson Retirement
    by Jeff Crittenden
    Theology Professor at Emmanuel College Retirement
    UWO Orchestra at Met
    by Dr. Jeff Crittenden
    Sunday Afternoon Concert at Met
    Meriel Reed
    Dr. Rowan Williams - March 16, 2019
    by Dr. Jeff Crittenden
    Memorial Wall Dedication
    Memorial at Jewish Community Center
    Memorial Service at the Jewish Community Center
    Choristers - Service 2018 04 08
    by Annie Young
    During Mornig Service
    Bell Anthems February 25, 2018
    by Owen Raycraft
    Combined Bells - Metropolitan and First St. Andrews
    American Songbook Concert
    by Owen Raycraft
    Greg and Catherine
    Hamper Project December 2017
    by David Spencer
    Decemeber 22 and 23, 2017
    Pageant 2017
    Yuletide Fair 2017
    by Owen Raycraft
    Fashion Show
    by Eleanore Reynolds
    March 20, 2017
    Knit Wits
    Hamper Project Dec 2016
    by David Spencer
    Preparing Hampers for Distribution
    RCCO Carol Concert Dec 2016
    by David Spencer
    Bishop of Huron
    by Jeff
    Bishop of Huron
    by Jeff
    Yuletide Fair2 Nov 2016
    by Owen Raycraft
    Various groups
    Yuletide Fair Nov 19, 2016
    by Ross Turnbull
    Sampling of Areas and Participants
    Bell Choir
    Bell Choir
    Father James Siemens
    Father Siemens
    Herb's 50th Anniversary of Ordination
    by Jeff Crittenden
    Herb Recognized at London Conference Annual Meeting
    Prayer Shawls - UCW Sunday - April 24, 2016
    by Owen Raycraft
    Gifts from the Knit-Wits when special needs arise.
    Korean Wedding at Met
    by Jeff Crittenden
    Co-leading a Korean wedding with Rev Sung Hwan Jang at Metropolitan!!!! What a tremendous privilege! Congratulations Sang Bin Lee and Elim Chung!
    Book Launch
    Dr Brad Morrison's book launch
    Refugee Welcome Mar 19/16
    by Marie-Antoinette Parisio
    Welcome to 5 families supported through Byron United Church
    Tower Lights
    by Mike Coulter (Youth Minister)
    Opening Ceremony for Tower Lighting - Oct 28, 2015
    Syrian Refugee Support
    Mayor Brown at Metropolitan
    Yuletide Fair Nov 21, 2015
    by Owen Raycraft
    Walkaround Views
    Unwrapping the Tower
    by David Keast
    Different Perspective
    Ordination Service at Met
    June 6, 2015
    Handbell Conference Peterborough 2015
    by Owen Raycraft
    Our bell choir joined many others in May, 2015
    Musicians of Orchestra London
    Unit 7 Mixes Day
    by R. Turnbull
    Preparing over 300 mixes for the Yuletide Fair
    2014 Hamper Project
    by Eric Ross
    Packing and Delivering Christmas Hampers to Needy Homes
    Dec 7, 2014
    by Jeff Critenden
    100, 100, 100 reception
    Dr. Walter Brueggemann
    Receiving Honourary Doctor of Divinity
    Newly installed President of London Conference
    Newly installed President of London Conference
    Mothers' Day 2014
    11:00 a.m. Service
    Choristers sing at Metropolitan in Toronto
    Singing at Metropolitan United Church in Toronto
    Choristers of Metropolitan
    by Rob Cairns
    Ash Wednesday Rehearsal
    Tubing 2014
    Metropolitan Annual Tubing Party
    Christmas Hampers 2013
    by Dave Spencer and Ross Turnbull
    December 21 - Loading and Delivering
    Christmas Hamper Project 2013
    by Dave Spencer and Ross Turnbull
    Work Party filling the boxes Dec 20
    Blue Christmas Service Dec 18, 2013
    Rev. Herb Summers officiating
    Christmas Pageant Dec 15, 2013
    by Rob Cairns
    Moderator Visit - Dec 8, 2013
    December 8, 2013
    Our Sanctuary
    by Samantha Guindon
    Photos of Sanctuary - Fanshawe Project
    Yuletide Fair 2013
    by Owen Raycraft
    November 9
    UCW Unit 7
    by Ross Turnbull
    Preparing Mixes for Yuletide Fair
    Paint the Slate
    by Carol Morton
    Jeff,s Bike Ride from Owen Sound to London
    Tubing at Boler 2013
    Roof Replacement
    RTM Contract
    Dr. Crittenden
    Leading Prayers in Wesley Chapel
    Santa Claus Parade
    by Angie
    Rev. Frances Clarke Pastoral Care Conference
    Dr. Steinke
    Dr. Gregg Redner, Ph.D.
    Presentation to Greg
    Organ at Metropolitan United Church
    Organ at Metropolitan United Church
    by Owen and Marion Raycraft
    Stone Soup and Joseph & Oct Pictures
    Christmas Pageants through the Years
    Do You Remember...
    Highlights - June 10, 2012
    by Owen and Marion Raycraft
    From the Sunday Service
    Belmont Youth Choir, Nashville
    by Carol Morgan
    June 7, 2012
    Our Building - Sanctuary
    by Fanshawe Student
    A different view
    Mother's Day 2012
    Sanctuary Flowers
    Jan 12, 2012
    Easter Flowers - 2012
    Thanks to Sanctuary Guild
    Maurice Boyd Preachers of Distinction
    Bringing Outstanding Speakers
    UCW Potluck Dinner
    Monday, November 30, 2009
    Yuletide Fair
    November 14, 2009
    Carpet Replacement
    Pictures of carpet being replaced
    Roof Repair
    Summer of 2009
    Corner Garden
    Dedication of new Corner Garden