Our Goal

    To ensure the lifelong work of our congregation is maintained for future generations.

    Our Process 

    Donations are accumulated in a prudent investment portfolio while distributions to support the ministry of our Church are made from  the revenue earned in the portfolio. 

    You spent a life time building your legacy. You've donated your time and tithe to help build a strong foundation for the Metropolitan today. But what about the future? How can you help ensure that your legacy lives on and the Metropolitan continues to have the ability to meet the challenges going forward? The answer is, by making a donation to the Metropolitan United Church Foundation.  Did you know that YOU CAN CHOOSE which of 2-3 groups will share in your estate: your loved ones, the government (i.e. taxes) or your charities. Having a well thought out Estate Plan will ensure that your assets are distributed to only the groups you choose and will help your loved ones avoid unnecessary stress, fees and taxes. 

    How You Can Help 

    1. Prepare/update your Will and name Metropolitan United Church Foundation as one of your primary Charities. 
    2. Make a direct donation(Click here to make a direct donation by credit card ) or transfer ownership of investments (including life insurance) to the Foundation by contacting the church office. 
    3. Name the Foundation as beneficiary on an investment (or life insurance) policy. This will provide a tax benefit directly to your estate. 

     While these steps are easy to implement, we recommend that you consult your Financial Advisor before proceeding. 



    President:                                      David Keast

    Treasurer:                                     Scott Guest

      Recording Secretary:                      To rotate among directors

                        Directors:                                       Dennis Lunau                 
                                                                     Christine Mackay 
                                                          Janet Fleet

     Contact us at: foundation@metropolitanchurch.com

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