Rental Inquiries

    Metropolitan is a unique facility available to groups from across London and around the world. We look forward to hosting your event!


      We want to host London groups of all sizes and means.

      Metropolitan can accommodate a diverse range of events. From a single speaker, right up to a multi-track orchestra recording, we are here to meet your needs. We are also currently looking into how we can serve the dance and theatrical community. 

      • Our recent renovation allows us to offer you a concert hall stage and acoustics!
      • Seating capacity is comfortably about 800 people - Seating Maps
      • Four Manual Casavant Frères Organ - Features
      • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano - Features
      • Detailed Equipment List
      • We are equipped to provide:
        • Powerpoint or Keynote projections.
        • Live Streaming and Video Recording with 7 cameras located around the room.
        • Onstage Live Action, projectable to our screens.
        • Ticketing Services, if needed.
        • Professional Audio Recording. (Small band right up to full orchestra.)
        • Charges will be applied based on the needs and means of the group.

      Non-profit, local community organization, and school rates are available. 


      • Our professional rental rate for the stage starts at $200/hour (4 hour minimum).
      • Rental of the stage also include the use of the Great Room as a Green Room.
      • Sound, Lighting, Streaming and/or Projections is $35/hour with a 4 hour minimum.
      • An operator is required for the use of our technical equipment.

      At the time of your performance:

      • Door Attendant is charged at $25/hour (One Door Attendant)
      • Event security for larger events is charged at $40/hour (4 hour minimum) for one security personnel (If needed.)
      • Extra custodial fee may apply depending on size and nature of of the group/audience.
      • Additional spaces are also available:

      Great Room Photos

      Conference Room Photos

      Parlour Photos

      Kitchen (Great Room) Photos


      General Inquiries Form

      (For basic questions about using the facilities at Met.)

      Booking Form

      (For groups who already have a specific event in mind.) 

      Empty Stage

      Note: There are also stage pieces to fill in the stairs on either side of the stage.