Our Mission

    Inviting all to know God through Jesus Christ

    Our Vision

    We will actively seek people from the wider community to experience joyful and renewing worship 
        Matthew 28:19,20

    We will build up believers through worship, study, prayer and fellowship 
        Luke 19:10; John 4:23,24

    We will care for people, primarily through small groups 
        Ephesians 4:11-13

    We will discover and use our God-given gifts together. 
        Matthew 18:20

    We will equip people to share their faith and serve all with love, hope and compassion. 
        1 Corinthians 14:12

    Our Core Values

    We value faithfulness to Jesus Christ. 
    We value worship in many forms. 
    We value seeking God's guidance through prayer. 
    We value speaking the truth in love. 
    We value the empowering of personal ministries through the Holy Spirit. 
    We value personal growth through Bible study. 
    We value children and youth. 
    We value change and traditions. 
    We value openness. 
    We value having fun.