Metropolitan United Church - London ON

Helping Others

Christmas Hampers
Each year over 150 hampers are taken to those living in our assigned area at Christmas.
Contact: David Spencer at 519-668-1399

Welcoming Team
Members and visitors are warmly welcomed each Sunday at both services
Jim Desand 519-452-7383
Georgeanne Grand 519-681-1531

Hospitality Meals Program
An average of 100 meals are served every Friday night of the year in the vineyard. Volunteers help with food coordination, meal preparation, greeting, serving & clean-up.
Louise Leenders  519-472-0035

Outreach Team (formerly Mission and Service team)
Supports mission efforts at home and around the world.
Chair: Christine Buchanan (

Property Team
Deals with the on-going repair and maintenance of the building and property.
Chair: Tom Slade  519-663-1163

Sanctuary Guild
A group who, week by week, ensure that our place of worship glorifies God through its beauty. On special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter the group decorates the Sanctuary.
Chair: Koas Huizenga 519-268-3721

A group who ensures that our history is documented and that items from the past are preserved.
Chair: Art Frankel 519-657-4509

Cafe Metro
Help to serve coffee and snacks every Sunday from 10-11 a.m. in the Great Room
Bill Cluff  473-2538
Ches Legrow  471-2765