Metropolitan United Church - London ON



General Fund of Metropolitan United Church

The "General Fund" supports the many aspects of day-to-day operation of our church, including salaries, regular maintenance and upkeep, utilities, music, supplies and insurance.  Your support will help us meet our continuing obligations. 

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"Take It From The Top"

Metropolitan has entered into a major renewal of our church building that will carry us many years into the future with confidence.  New carpeting has been installed in the sanctuary in recent months.  Scaffolding is now in place, and work has begun on the replacement of the roof with a new "slate" covering that will last for the next 100 years.  Later phases of the renewal will replace gutters and downspouts, and repoint the brickwork.  This is a major capital expense that will depend on the continuing support of members and friends.  Can you help?

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The Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund provides an opportunity for you to acknowledge, in a caring and significant way, that you remember someone close to you. It also expresses your sympathy and respect to the surviving family members and friends. 
Under the direction of the Memorial Fund Committee, many of the tax deductible donations received will be designated for specific gifts, while others will be used to purchase items not provided for in the church budget. These gifts will help to enrich the many and varied activities that are the life-blood of our church.
The Memorial Book which documents the gift purchased and the honoree's name is kept in our Great Room for viewing.
Donations to the Memorial Fund are gratefully received through the church office by check or credit card.

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Metropolitan United Church Foundation

The Foundation is a registered charity incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act.  The purpose of the Foundation is to ensure the lifelong work of our congregation is maintained for future generations.  The foundation is pleased to accept direct donations or transfer of investments (including life insurance), or to be named as a beneficiary through your will or investment.

Please contact the church office (519-432-7189) to initiate a contribution or bequest.

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