Current News


    October 03, 2016
    The Byron United Refugee Committee had a four-month delay in our process due to a lack of Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH). We now have a SAH who has agreed to manage our application process. Our congregation approved submitting our application for this family to immigrate to Canada as Syrian refugees on September 18th. The application is now in a queue for processing. The family consists of the brother of a family member who arrived here in February, and his wife who is pregnant and expecting a baby this fall.
    We also wish to update your congregation on the three families who arrived in February 2016. After being in London more than seven months, these families are feeling very comfortable in their new homes. The two oldest teenagers have received full scholarships for post-secondary education, one at Western University and one at Fanshawe College. The other children/youth are very happy in their school settings and progressing well. The adults are continuing their ESL studies. Two of the families now have their own vehicles for transportation, and the fathers have found employment opportunities for part-time work. Their sponsorship teams are now working with them to plan for February 2017, when our one-year of commitment to them ends.
    We are sharing this information with the congregation at Metropolitan and ask them to join us in praying for all four of these families..... the three who are here, and the fourth one now being sponsored. It has been inspirational for our congregation to see the gratitude of our new Syrian friends and their desires for a better life here in Canada. The generosity of members of your congregation has been a significant factor in making all this possible. May your congregation feel as blessed by this outpouring of love as we do.

    Linda Peck

    Chair of Congregation of Byron United Church